May 29, 2007

Recipes from fellow foodies

First few months before I started to blog I tried a lot of recipes that were posted by fellow bloggers and still do, most of it I always wanted to make but didn't have the right recipe , this is just a small collection of recipes that I have tried thank u all for regularly posting recipes .

BiriyaniBiriyani is always a dish made for celebrations usually I would make it for Christmas or Easter or if it is a loved one's birthday,so had to be good during last few years I have tried so many variations of it, tried a lot of store bought masala too, but shiney's recipe absolutely stood out, thanks to her it is now a regular at my home.

Chicken biriyani

I made two variations one with chicken and the other with prawns both are good and easy .

Prawn biriyani

U can check shiney's blog Indain potpourri for these authentic recipes .
Shiney's Recipe


Growing up in Maharashtra , I was a big fan of puranpoli which is like a stuffed sweet paratha kind made with lentils and jaggery, I remember for every holi after we were done with drenching each other in all possible colors , my friends grandmother would make puranpoli in the traditional way , and it tasted heavenly so soft that just melts into your mouth, it is usually accompanied with aamthi which is a sweet sour liquid, and also kheer .

Now in this Internet day and age I found a good recipe for puranpoli from Vaishali's blog Happy burp. Do check the recipe details here
Vaishali's Recipe

Sabudana VadaAnother all time favourite is the sabudana vada, made of sago mixed with boiled potatoes great snack to accompany a hot cup of tea on a rainy day, me and my friends on our way back from college would usually stop by this small tapri (shop) where they were known for making the best sabudana vada in town, served it piping hot with coconut chutney.

I got this recipe from Samayal blog, do check out the recipe here
Sudha's Recipe


Seena said...

Lovely biriyani pictures, though I make it often, I want to have it just now..

Prajusha said...

hi mallu,
chicken biriyani is my favourit e and nice pics.

Jyothsna said...

Nice Pictures!

indianadoc said...

I think this is the first time that I am visiting your blog...and you have quite a handful of interesting recipes...Thanx for dropping in my blog..and I'm so surprised to see my biryani being mentioned here...and it is indeed so sweet of you...I am happy that you all loved it...

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