May 29, 2007

Recipes from fellow foodies

First few months before I started to blog I tried a lot of recipes that were posted by fellow bloggers and still do, most of it I always wanted to make but didn't have the right recipe , this is just a small collection of recipes that I have tried thank u all for regularly posting recipes .

BiriyaniBiriyani is always a dish made for celebrations usually I would make it for Christmas or Easter or if it is a loved one's birthday,so had to be good during last few years I have tried so many variations of it, tried a lot of store bought masala too, but shiney's recipe absolutely stood out, thanks to her it is now a regular at my home.

Chicken biriyani

I made two variations one with chicken and the other with prawns both are good and easy .

Prawn biriyani

U can check shiney's blog Indain potpourri for these authentic recipes .
Shiney's Recipe


Growing up in Maharashtra , I was a big fan of puranpoli which is like a stuffed sweet paratha kind made with lentils and jaggery, I remember for every holi after we were done with drenching each other in all possible colors , my friends grandmother would make puranpoli in the traditional way , and it tasted heavenly so soft that just melts into your mouth, it is usually accompanied with aamthi which is a sweet sour liquid, and also kheer .

Now in this Internet day and age I found a good recipe for puranpoli from Vaishali's blog Happy burp. Do check the recipe details here
Vaishali's Recipe

Sabudana VadaAnother all time favourite is the sabudana vada, made of sago mixed with boiled potatoes great snack to accompany a hot cup of tea on a rainy day, me and my friends on our way back from college would usually stop by this small tapri (shop) where they were known for making the best sabudana vada in town, served it piping hot with coconut chutney.

I got this recipe from Samayal blog, do check out the recipe here
Sudha's Recipe

May 17, 2007

Vegetable Puffs

My dad on his way back from work would usually stop by this old bakery store near our house where they made the best puffs , flaky stuffed with vegetables or non-veg. They would also sell samosas ,cakes, pastries etc, but I loved the puffs. Even this time when I visited home with my son I was lucky enough to have more puffs from the same place, and my son too loved it.
After coming to the US I was told about the ready made Pastry sheets that are easily available to make puffs. After a lil' bit of hunting I got what I was looking for; Pepperidge farm pastry sheets.

You can find this usually in the frozen section along with the pancakes and waffles.

What u need:
  • pepperidge pastry sheets-1 sheet (to thaw follow instructions on the box)
  • boiled potatoes-2
  • boiled peas-1/2 cup
  • ginger -minced 1/2 teaspoon
  • turmeric-1/4 teaspoon
  • chilli pwd -1/3 teaspoon
  • garam masala or chat masala-1/2 teaspoon
  • cilantro-1 teaspoon chopped fine

Mix all the above ingredients in a bowl. You may add more veges like carrot of ur choice,
You can also replace the veges with cooked chicken or meat, add salt to taste. cut the sheets as the size u need for puffs, and put a tablespoon of the potato mix seal the puff by pressing the edges, if needed use a bit of water.

One sheet can make 6 puffs easily, arrange them in the tray and bake as directed.

Serve with tomato ketchup.

May 9, 2007

Meethi paratha

Meethi parathas always reminds me of my school days when each of us would get tiffins filled with variety of dishes, mine was always dominated with south Indian dishes like idli or dosa, mostly others would get the staple chapati with vegetable sabzi, and my best friend would get usually stuffed parathas, like aloo, gobi, muli, meethi,egg etc. she being a big fan of idlis and dosas and me of parathas so we would swap! and the parathas tasted so good with home made lemon pickle yumm!! even now we talk about our good old days and yummy tiffins.

This recipe is pretty simple and healthy, I usually make this in stock and keep it in then freezer
and whenever needed just take out a few and pop it in the microwave, it is good as new.
what u need :-

wheat flour (atta)-2 cups
meethi leaves-1cup chopped
I use the frozen meethi cubes-2
turmeric-1/2 teaspoon
chilli pwd- 1/2 teaspoon
jeera pwd-1/2 teaspoon
ajwain-1/2 teaspoon
garlic-green chilli paste-1 teaspoon
salt to taste

mix all the above ingredients together by adding hot water this makes the parathas soft.cover the dough and keep aside for 20 minutes, than make a flat griddle hot and make small balls of the dough, roll out rotis if needed add oil when
rolling .
put the paratha on the pan, that is when one side is done on the pan, apply oil on it and then later on the other side as well and cook it till it has brown spots on it.
Serve hot with curd and your choice of pickle.

May 2, 2007

Kappa with fish curry

Kappa is very traditional keralite dish usually served in almost every nook and corner of kerala . Growing up I was not a big fan of kappa and always wondered what was it about this root that my parents would enjoy so much usually to have it at least once a month.
Now when I am miles and miles away from my home land I know the feeling which is same when I have a typical traditional Indian dish that reminds me so much of home.

Food has a way of getting you closer to the memories , the stories that we have heard growing up, the experiences .
Now kappa has cast it's spell on me too and surprisingly now I do like kappa.

what u need:
kappa (yucca )- 1 lb bite size
coconut- 1/3 cup
ginger-1 inch
green chillies-2-3
curry leaves-3-4
mustard seeds-1/2 teaspoon
oil-1 teaspoon
salt to taste

Wash the kappa pieces well then in a pan add enough water with turmeric and salt boil
till the kappa is soft to touch must be easily able to Peirce with a fork.
drain the water and set aside.
grind the coconut, chillies, ginger to paste form.
heat a pan with oil add mustard seeds after they pop add the curry leaves then coconut paste mix for 2 mins add the boiled kappa mix well.
add salt if needed let it simmer for 5- 10 mins.
then serve with fish curry .

Fish curry with mango

Our back yard had a lot of mango trees , and each of a different kind, the biggest tree had really sour mangoes and my mom would make fish curry with these mangoes that tasted so good. The tangy sour taste of the mango in the fish curry yum!!

Fish curry is a must in any mallu home, I too grew up with the taste of fish and koodam pulli.
Almost every other day, fish either as a curry or fried was usual and it complemented any side dish too, sometimes just fish curry ,rice and curd is all u need, reminds me so much of home uummhh! absolute comfort food.

We never had a fish monger,but had a fish market where people would come rushing in after work every Tuesday or Friday.
My neighbour was also from Kerala , and an excellent cook, she used to make the fish curry in a typical Thiruvalla style that means the curry was dark red in color, and tasted so good.
growing up I never bothered to learn the recipe ,then after getting married to my surprise , my mom in law too made fish curry same Thiruvalla style as my in laws belong to the same place. So this time I didn't let the opportunity pass decided to learn from my mom in law. I always thought the red color was by adding a lot of chilli pwd, but that just makes the curry really hot,
better use paprika gives the desired color without adding on the heat of the dish.

This recipe is combination of my mom and mom in law's recipe,was made with frozen fish.

now to the recipe,
what u need:

fish -cut in cube size
raw mango-cube size without the skin
ginger- 1 inch chopped
garlic-5-6 chopped
onion - 1 chopped
curry leaves-5-6
turmeric-1/2 teaspoon
chilli pwd (paprika)- 2-3 teaspoon full
methi pwd (uluva podi)-1/2 teaspoon
salt to taste
oil- 1 tablespoon
kodumpoli- 2-3 (keep in water for 5- 10 mins)
mustard seeds- 1/2 teaspoon

Place wide set pan on gas/stove, add oil and mustard seeds, once they start to pop
add the chopped onions, ginger, garlic, curry leaves, let it saute for 5 mins.
then add turmeric, paprika , methi pwd and mix.
The trick to get the dark red color fish curry is to add paprika instead of chilli pwd,
because paprika adds a lot of color to the dish and not the spice unlike chilli pwd,
or if want a bit spicier add a teaspoon of chilli pwd too.
add the puli along with the water add 1/2 cup water also let it boil ,
then add salt and the fish and the mango.
Simmer on low heat for 15-20 mins, be careful while mixing or else the fish starts to crumble
check salt and let cool . Fish curry usually tastes a lot better the next day when all the flavours have blended in.
Serve with rice or kappa. Enjoy!

May 1, 2007


Sambar is a traditional south Indian recipe which includes a combination of dal and vegetables . In kerala itself there are variations to this recipe like typical sambar with tamarind in it, my sister in law makes the sambar with roasted coconut paste which gives a very nice and different taste.There are also variations where one vegetable stands out like tomato sambar, or vendakya (okra) sambar.
My recipe is the one my mom would make,

what u need:
toor dal -1/3rd cup
masoor dal -1/3 rd cup
potatoes- 2
ash gourd-1/2 cup
drumsticks-3-4 pieces
white pumpkin-1/2 cup
snake gourd-1/2 cup
curry leaves-5-6
turmeric pwd-1/2 teaspoon
chilli pwd-1/2 teaspoon
sambar pwd- 1-2 teaspoon
LG's asafoetida-1/2 teaspoon
mustard seeds-1/2 teaspoon
tamarind paste-1/2 teaspoon
salt to taste .

Cut all the veges in cube size, wash the dal and add salt ,turmeric , chilly pwd mix and
boil , I would usually cook it in a cooker till 1whistle is done.

Let it cool down , in a deep pan add 1 tablespoon of salt add mustard seeds ,after they start to pop add curry leaves keep the flame low add Sambar masala , asafoetida this gives an authentic sambar taste to the dish and add the cooked veggies and dal mix well. Add tamarind and if needed some water
let it boil for 5 mins. Now put off the flame, Sambar is ready !!
Serve it with rice or idols . NJoy !

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