April 30, 2007


Idlis are a staple breakfast at any south Indian home, and very rightly said by a fellow blogger an excellent baby food too and a healthy breakfast for all ages . I was expecting and when in my 2nd trimester we were travelling for my husband's work related trip, and being new to this country (US) I was just getting used to the spice less options of food.
One Saturday early morning I guess it was about 6am in the morning, and I woke up hungry and with a strong craving for Idlis and hot piping sambar, with all the hormone surge during my pregnancy I badly missed home food, so to satisfy my craving I woke my sleepy hubby and started demanding for Idli and sambar, and wasn't ready to settle for anything less, blame it all on my pregnancy,my sweet hubby who was half asleep, tried after a long day at work dazed, and then promised me to get it as soon as the close by Indian restaurant opens in the morning, and he sure did !!
They tasted good ,nothing like mom's idli's but enough to satisfy my craving.

Now it is a routine at my home every Sunday morning for breakfast it is Idli for sure, and my hubby prefers that too as he does not have to run to Indian restaurants any more:), my 3 yrs son too loves them and he has named them "the white ones".

To make idlis what u need:

Idli rice : 1 cup
Urad dal : 1/2 cup
Salt : to taste
yeast: 1 pinch
Soak the rice and urad for 6-8 hours, then grind it in a mixer (I use the Indian one I got from back home). Over the last few years, I went through several trial and errors to make soft dosas and idlis in this cold country. Quite a few attempts were disasters with idlis as hard as rock, but at other times it turned out to be great.
I tried a little trick , after the batter is mixed into a paste , take a pinch of yeast in warm water
and add to the batter just like u would do for making appams but only the quantity is less as compared . Try this and it will result in soft Idilis.
Cover this batter and leave it over night, next morning add salt, if the batter is to make dosas
make it thin and for idlis keep the consistency thick.
pour into the idli vessel spray with a pam or dab a little oil before pouring the batter prevents from sticking. Cover the Idli vessel and after 10-15 mins hot steaming idlis ready.
Serve with hot piping Sambar and Mint Chutney.


Seena said...

Idli ingane venam undakkaan..looks nice..

Mishmash ! said...

Hello :) Thanks for dropping my page and letting me know about your blog. You already got so much going on here...all the best :)


mallugirl said...

idlis are looking so fluffy!appealing photos of a daily staple.

Sig said...

Hey, thanks for dropping by today... Great blog you have here... welcome neighbor :D

Anonymous said...

simple yet so tasty idlis! will add you to my blogroll.

Bharathy said...

wow!you have cute place here.girl!yeah good ,hot chammanthipodi with hot fluffy idlies...I know its pretty difficult to make fluffy idlies in yourplace.But you have achieved it wonderfully..great!thanx for dropping by..:)

FH said...

Hi Mallu,idlis look grand,so white and fluffy.
Thanks for visiting me.I love the color of your blog,I have to go thru the whole blog yet.I will and I hope to see you back again at FH:))

Meera's Blog said...

idlies looks awsome!will try that yeast trick:)

i read that book namesake too,waiting to see the movie:)

Meera's Blog said...

i forgot to bookmark this page and wasted a lot of time searching for this perfect idly recipe:)thank u so much again:)

Prajusha said...

ur idili looks great.kandittu thinaan thonunnu..will try with yeast next time to get soft iddlis.

Chef Jeena said...

Hi there you have a nice blog. Lovely Idli recipe I love he picture. I am in the UK and have never made idili before so thanks for the tips. :) Feel free to visit my blog too :) Click Here For Jeena's Vegetable Lasagne Recipe

Dawn said...

I am a chinese gal who LOVES Indian food. What is urad dal and is it easy to be found/bought?
I love Idilis but have never made them before.

MR said...

Hi Dawn,
Thanks for visiting my blog
Urad dal is a kind of lentil found easily in any indian grocery store.

sorry i don't have the recipe for the other dish u asked abt,


Unknown said...

wow!super idlies....looks fablulous!

Adhi Potoba said...

They look so nice and fluffy. Makes me want to make some for dinner tonight.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for writing this.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this. I am gonna try it. I luv Idli so much that i bought a pot long ago, but had no recipe...... :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this. I am gonna try it. I luv Idli so much that i bought a pot long ago, but had no recipe...... :)

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