September 2, 2007


Growing up I always thought shrikand was a difficult delicacy to make,lil' did I know it is so effortless, tastes good and healthy too. I usually make this as breakfast dish along with puffy puris made of wheat flour, this also tastes good with plain chapathi, or even bread. My lil' one loves to just eat this by it self in a bowl.

It is one of the main desserts in Gujarati cuisine and a common side dish in Maharashtrian cuisine, this can be made with different variations like adding saffron, or mango, or even strawberry.

How to make:

yogurt : 1 cup u can use store bought plain yogurt or home made

sugar : 1/2 cup

saffron : few strands

warm milk : 1 tablespoon

cardamon crushed : 1/2 tsp

pistachios : 1 tsb

u can also add almonds if needed

Hang the curds in a muslin cloth in a cool place for approximately 4-6 hours until all the liquid has drained off.In a small bowl mix saffron into the warm milk until it dissolves. Mix together the hung curds, sugar, saffron mixture and cardamom in a bowl and churn using a hand blender. Place in the refrigerator, garnish with pistachios . Serve with puffy puris or rotis.


Bharathy said...

My childrens' favourite..You made it seem easy to make..WIll give a shot when free..:)

Love those home made puffs dpwn there..Really nice that you get the binding sheets..Lovely looking snack..!!
I grab a few from the local bakery :(..

Finla said...

Like you i always thought it was a difficult dessert to make, but your recipe looks so easy.
Yhanx for sharing

Meera's Blog said...

Thanks:)i usd to think srikand is something really hard to make!seems like i could also try:)

Seena said...

Nice recipe, my daughter loves yogurt, will try this for her..

Prajusha said...

i love shrikand.i have a maharastrian friend and she makes it during deepavali.will try ur recipe .looks like easy to make:)

J said...

I recently made this with yoghurt.

Mishmash ! said...

This is one of my fav;s!!not just coz of the taste, the fact that it can be whipped up in a jiffy makes it extra special :)

Thanks for visiting my blog :)


Meera's Blog said...

hey,i made it today:)it was soooo good,sweet and tasty,i ended up having half of what i made,which is making me feel guilty now:)too much sugar!!thanks a lot:)

Padma said...

I love any flavour shrikhand, specially with garam garam puris....loved ur version too..

hey thanks for dropping by, you too have some incredible recipes blogged here

FH said...

Beautiful Shrikandh.I will blog roll you!:)
Left a URL for seeds at FH, check it.

Anonymous said...

Yhooo...sweet and tangy..tanhk (due to tang)yoooou!!!

MR: Did u try your hand at carrot cake am looking for an easy (non sugar)cake. Do u have it in ur hidden recipes....

Meena said...

you can make it even easier with Greek yogurt which is strained yogurt...It saves you the trouble of using muslin cloth and cuts the preparation time to few mins...Once made, I chill it in the refrigerator for 2 hrs

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