November 28, 2017

Roti by rotimatic with Beef curry

We all remember the viral video of rotimatic , or at least the Indian diaspora reading this 😀
I was also one among the very many out there who was  totally blown away by this amazing innovation. needless to say I had to have it.
But the wait was long 😞 depressingly long.... so after about 2 years this august I got my very own ROTIMATIC     >>>  YAYYYY!
Yes ! It is simply enigmatic and true to every hype out there , I have been using it for the last few months not only have we been eating healthy , but life is so much easier with work and kids this truly is a blessing ! 
So now to the recipe 🍴🍷Beef curry :
Beef  -1 pound
Red onion - 1 cup chopped length wise
Garlic -1 tablespoon chopped fine
Ginger- 1 tablespoon chopped fine

Fenugreek dried leaves- 1 tablespoon ( very flavorful )
Tomato- 1-2 chopped

Potatoes- 1 cube sized cut
Curry leaves- 7-8
Turmeric- 1 teaspoon
Chilli pwd -1 teaspoon (add spice as needed)
Paprika - 2 teaspoon
Black pepper ground- 1 teaspoon
Garam masala- 1 teaspoon
EVOO-2 tablespoon
Salt to taste

Clean and cut the meat in bite size pieces add 1/2 cup water cook in the cooker till at least 2 whistles let it cool down
Meanwhile heat up a thick bottom pan, add 2 teaspoon EVOO add the chopped red onions and curry leaves cook till translucent. Then add the chopped potatoes
Add the chopped ginger- garlic till raw smell is gone.
Add the paprika,  dried fenugreek leaves , garam masala , black pepper, cook for few mins , then add the cooked beef.

Let the beef cook cover the pan and let it cook on low flame, be sure to be mixing it once in a while so that it does not get burnt .Add the chopped tomatoes let it cook down.
After about 15 mins the beef starts to sweat out the oil . 
Add salt as per taste, and serve with hot rice or Rotis 

November 23, 2017

Happy thanksgiving 2017 !

"When you express gratitude and appreciation, you change your mindset. When you feel grateful for everything you have, no matter how small it is, and you allow yourself to FEEL this gratitude, you will receive more of what you are asking for". 

Lisa Townsend

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