January 7, 2008


I was looking forward towards this RCI event for long, luckily Jyothsna of Curry Bazzar came up with the event just in time, as we have just returned from our India trip almost a month back the memories are so fresh, we had a great time back home, also went on a boat ride through the ever famous kumarkom back waters, it is BEAUTIFUL!!!

a traditional house boat !!

on the way to the back waters!!

Kumarkom has now become a hub for tourism, very scenic ,also loaded with tourists from all around the world luckily we managed to get a houseboat for about 5 hours , there are also options for the night stay which looked too tempting but due to time constrains had to settle down for a few hrs, may be next time.

The whole trip is like an adventure u get to see nature at it's best, although there are plenty of 5 star hotels on the way but if u want to have authentic food then small food joints are the place to go ,we decided to try out a thaat kaada ( small shop) for lunch, which is just beside the backwaters, my brother and T went to see if it was good enough for all of us and the kids too, when they came back with the dishes I cud say this was going to be one lunch we will cherish for life!!!! see for urself :)

Lovely food just right amount of spices , fresh fish and to mention accompanied with toddy too good!! Kappa and meen (fish) chaar was the starter, along with karimeen fry , small fish fried, also something I never had before turtoise fry tastes like pork fry, and kakka erachi yummy!!!, then was the last course Rice with sambar ,& Payar (beans) thoran, which sealed the deal :)
one closer look at the thaat kada food!!!

It definitely was a great trip and we all were happy that we tried the food at the thaath kada ,which reminds of my entry for the RCI- KERALA.
Kappa and fish curry all time favourite for keralities anywhere and everywhere on the face of the earth :)

here is the link for the recipe


Jyothsna said...

Looks like you enjoyed the trip! Nice pictures, MR!:)

Seena said...

kandittu kothi adakkan vayya..:D

Asha said...

I just cooked for RCI Kerala too and I am in love with the food!:)))
Beautiful photos, feels so good to look at them.

mallurecipes said...

Thanks, Jyothsna ,
ya we had a great time !!

Seena kutty,
eenuukum aadee ;)

Thanks Asha,
I am looking fwd for ur entry too...

chithra said...

oh god i wish if my PC can serve this...Kappa -fish curry combo is on my favoutite dish...good entry!

Sagari said...

lovely and delecious food

mallurecipes said...

Chitra mine too
such a comfort food !!

Thanks Sagari!:)

Bharathy said...

Ayyo!!Look at that spread..All my favourites..muaaah..Kappa meen kakkaerachi netholi(thats whatthe small fish is called in our place)..enough of killing me da!!

Those backwater pics are too good.Why dont you make it larger and make us more home sick??:)

Drool worthy post!!

Cynthia said...

Given the comments left on my blog, I have been excitedly looking forward to the RCI event of Kerala too!

Your post alone makes me want to vist.

Happy cook said...

What a wonderful trip you had.
Love kappa with meen curry

mallurecipes said...

I am sending a pic soon so that u can book ur tickets to saundum keralaum!!;)

happy cook
yes we had a good time!!

Srivalli said...

wow..mouthwatering dishes served there!..and those pictures of backwater are heavenly!

DEEPA said...

you must have had a great trip ....those pics are just awesome

vimmi said...

The pics are so beautiful. Eating on a banana leaf must be so fulfilling. I have only done it once in a friend's place but still rmemeber the taste of it.

JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

Sounds like a great trip full of wonderful experiences!

Welcome to The Foodie Blogroll!

VINI said...

entammo...inganey kodhipikalley. lovely snaps...missing all that so much.

Sig said...

oh Wow... this is making me seriously home sick now... I have never had aama... it tastes like pork, huh? I really want to try it next time I go home... :)

Jeena said...

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Mallugirl said...

vishu aasamsakal :)ur spread of kumaragam photos are making me year for home now.:)

Anonymous said...

wow! I've never been on house boat and those places before. Kandittu kothiyaavunnu.I wanted to travel there and enjoy those during my next Kerala visit. Is it very difficult to get a house boat or any boat ride there? do we have to book it in advance? Is that affordable? if you've time let me know. I just can't wait to visit India after seeing these pics.


Anonymous said...

Beyond words!!! World of Dreams!!!

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