September 24, 2011

Simple Rice Pilaf

It has been long since I have posted something close to a recipe on my blog , well busy life takes a toll on you never the less my 3 and 1/2 year old blog has started to hyperventilate getting near on to its last breath and so in desperate need to revive it I decided to post, the other very valid reason is that this was my weekend off no plans ahead so just lazing on the couch like a potato I decided to put this time to good use visit my blog world and seeing all the excellent recipes & updates that my fellow blogger's were up to inspired me to get in action .

So here's is a very simple dish

Rice pulao or like the western world calls it rice pilaf , name it either ways this dish is a great combo with any gravy dish.

What u need to make this dish:

Rice -2 cups
frozen or fresh peas -1/3 cup
cub size cut up carrot -1/3cup
ghee-1 tablespoon
bay leaves-4
cinnamon stick -2 inch length
whole black pepper-1 teaspoon
salt to taste
lemon juice-1 teaspoon
water -4 cups
Heat a thick pot /pan ,add the ghee which can be also substituted with oil too as per taste and preferences of the individual . Add the whole spices to the ghee toss around till a smoky aroma comes, add the carrots and peas cook for 10 mins on medium flame .

Then add the cleaned rice to this stir till the rice is pearly white at least another 5 mins .
Add hot water to this mix gently stirring usually the water should be twice the quantity of the rice .
When the rice starts boiling add the lemon juice and salt cover for 15 -20 mins till the rice is fully cooked
Serve with hot curry and Njoy this easy peasy recipe

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