January 2, 2010

Dal Fry

After a long hectic travel day or a long round of high calorie fattening foods all u feel like eating is something simple and comforting. Usually after we r back from a hectic trip I try to whip up some simple Dal and Rice just brings back goodness in every bite!! A little pickle and yogurt um um good!!
Looking back through ancient India till today one of the most prominent dishes that show up in each and every Indian cuisine be North Indian, South Indian, West or East Indian is undoubtly the dal rice.I think every Indian restaurant has this dish on its menu may a little more fancy version of dal , like dal makhani , or dal tadka , or on the south side parippu etc but all these boils down to the same thing. I remember flipping pages of international magzines mostly the travel or food magzines where u stuble upon an article about India and a snap of a plate of rice and yellow gravy by the side ( dal ). Brings back so many warm memories.
Dal basically is also called lentils and fall in the category of pulses loaded with protein. Easily available in most Indian stores actually now I have seen them in the regular grocery stores too, usually in the Asian aisle. There are quite a few varieties of dal for that matter

Toor dal , Masoor Dal & Moong Dal

Many more u can add on , but these are the most common ones found almost in every Indian Pantry.
I remember when we were young my parents used to get all their groceries from this one store where everyone goes to, and usually a whole year’s worth, not by pounds but by kilos. Same with rice in our kitchen there was this huge aluminum vessel filled with dal which as and when my mom could use the lentils it was like a magic vessel which was never empty which my mom always made sure . My mom made dal almost few times a week it goes a long way, made be mostly in sambar form by adding lots of vegetables to it.
I always loved simple dal and rice so fulfilling and comforting usually I make it with toor and masoor dal mixed in equal proportion.
Sometimes I boil them in excess and store in the freezer in smaller containers then as and when needed U can thaw and use it.
Now to the recipe what u need :
· Toor dal ½ cup
· Masoor dal ½ cup
· Onion chopped fine ¼ cup
· 1 Tomato chopped
· 2-3 chopped garlic
· 1-2 green chillies ( optional )
· Cilantro chopped ¼ cup
· 1 teaspoon dried fenugreek leaves (meethi )
· 1 tablespoon olive oil or any u prefer
· ½ teaspoon full turmeric powder
· 1 teaspoon full or mustard seeds and jeera
· Salt to taste
Boil both the dals after washing few times in water, usually I boil it in a cooker with the water level an inch above the dal , u can also boil it in the deep set pan but takes a lot longer. After the dal has cooled down .Heat a pan with the oil add the mustard and jeera when they start to pop add the chopped onion cook for a few minutes . Then add the chopped garlic and green chillies sauté till soft and a little brown in color.
At this point u can also add a chopped tomato which is optional, cook the tomato thru then add the dried fenugreek leaves which have a very strong flavor absolutely flavorful this ingredient will just seal the deal for u, makes the dal so yummy and AUTHENTIC. Add the turmeric powder stir for a few minutes and add the cooked dal make sure it is a thick consistency u can add water as per your preference.Add salt in the end if water is added do let it boil then add the chopped cilantro leaves for garnish.
Serve with hot steaming rice or rotis too .Enjoy !!


Tina said...

Simple and healthy dal fryyyyy.

Finla said...

Dal and rice is my all time comfort food too.

Chef Jeena said...

I love dal and this looks so comforting and delicious!

Happy New Year!

Raks said...

i always love dal fry,with steamed basmati,tastes like heaven right? :)

Ann said...

This really is comfort food! I think I'm going to try it right away, thanks for the tip on mixing the dhals and also about storing it in the freezer - I never knew about that....

Lakshmi said...

healthy and comfort food.

FH said...

Happy 2010 MR, good to be back too. Wish you the best. Dal fry looks perfect, ultimate comfort food! :)

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