March 30, 2009

Baghare baingan

I was one of the most pickiest kid ever, and just to get me to eat my veges mom would try different recipes. Some vegetables didn't ever make in to my system as they never left my plate and eggplant was one of them. I remember my mom would make eggplant thorans and other possible mallu eggplant versions which never interested me until I came across this recipe .

She would make eggplant which were fried and then simmered in thick groundnut gravy which was tempered with jeera and mustard seeds, tasted great with hot parathas or rotis and I Loved it !!

Here in the US there are so many types of eggplants , but for this particular recipes u need the typical small purple Indian kind eggplants. The recipe turns our much better .

This is a recipe that I made from a fellow food blogger Zaiqa » Baghare Baingan original recipe link posted below, as the bookmarked recipe list had been getting longer and longer so about time I started to make them.

We had it with hot rice and dal tadka :)


Asha said...

Oh my! look at that gravy. Thick and smooth, good one MR, bookmarked! :)

mona said...

Glad that you liked my recipe!

Shubha said...

that eggplant looks awesome.... I always love this...:) thanks for the recipe....:D

MR said...

Thanks Asha
well next one is ur recipe
will be posting that soon

Mona not only did I like it my family loved it

thanks Shubha

Cham said...

The gravy is really tempting!

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