April 26, 2007

Entering this interactive world of blogging.

For the last few weeks I have been an anonymous reader of most blogs; amusing and teaching me a lot about cooking and cultures that ripple through India as a heartbeat.
At this point I don't know what new I have to offer , I do have one thing in common with all the foodies..LOVE TO COOK and try out new dishes too, but the cuisine that I just can't get enough of is "namade naadan kerala cuisine".

My cooking has always been inspired by two very strong ladies, my mom and my mom in law both of who were working ladies and excellent cooks, to finish it up a little of this and that of my own tricks!!

Let me start with our patent weekend breakfast; idli, dosa , or appam

When growing up I always remember my mom being a working lady who was busy all week but come Sunday morning, we would be waking up to the aroma of piping hot dosas with chamanthi and a smiling face which made every day seem like a special day.


What you need

Idli rice : 1 cup

Urad dal : 1/2 cup

Salt : to taste

yeast: 1 pinch

Soak the rice and urad for 6-8 hours, then grind it in a mixer (I use the Indian one I got from back home). Over the last few years, I went through several trial and errors to make soft dosas and idlis in this cold country. Quite a few attempts were disasters with idlis as hard as rock, but at other times it turned out to be great.

I tried a little trick , after the batter is mixed into a paste , take a pinch of yeast in warm water
and add to the batter just like u would do for making appams but only the quantity is less as compared .

Cover this batter and leave it over night, next morning add salt, if the batter is to make dosas
make it thin and for idlis keep the consistency thick.
Make a griddle hot and pour the batter to make fresh piping hot delicious dosas.

Coconut is the most widely used element in kerala cuisine, needless to say that it is usually a prominent member in each dish, but the best part is that it adds a different flavour to each

be it an avial , or theeyal, or chamanthi.

Now there are a lot of ways of making the coconut chutney that goes so well with idlis or dosas, here is my version.

what u need:

grated coconut : 1/2 cup

ginger: 1 inch

red dried chillies: 2-3 add more if u like it hot!

curry leaves : 4-5

shallots: one chopped

mustard seeds: 1/2 teaspoon

salt to taste
grind the coconut with ginger and red chillies to a fine paste add water if needed.make a kadai hot add oil, and mustard seeds when they start to pop add the curry leaves and chopped shallots.
cook for few minutes till translucent,add the coconut mix, and mix keep the flame low or else the chutney with curdle.

cook for 1-2 mins then add salt.
serve with hot dosas or idilis.

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Asha said...

Gotcha 'Ghost reader'!!!!:D:D:D
So you are the one,eh?!
Just kidding.Glad we know you now!Love the dosa anytime.Paneer curry looks great too,love the color.

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